What white knights and beta cucks don't get


The Black Knight
Nov 7, 2017
White knights and beta cucks go on huge lengths to defend the helpless m'ladies and protect them from the ones who disrespect them. They care so much about cum dumpsters and their well-being to a point that they will create groups, subs, pages and etc, to make fun of people who call out bitches for what they truly are. 

But what these faggots don't understand is that femoids don't give two flying fucks about them. Just ask yourselves: when was the last time you saw femoids defending men against misandrist's who spout "KILLALLMEN"? When was the last you saw groups and sub's made by bitches dedicated against bringing down man-haters? When was the last time you've actually seen femoids defending a man like how white knights defend femoids? That's right, you haven't -- and you never will. 

What's the reason for that? Simply, cuntrags just don't give two fucks about men, especially low-tier men. Of course, if the man is a good looking Chad/Tyrone then they'll do everything in their power to defend him no matter what he said or did. Example: Jeremy Meeks, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy and etc.

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