The battle of incelistan

Nov 10, 2017
This is not true , since Incelistan belongs to Incel knights and you guys are just pretenders of Holly Incelistan
Nov 8, 2017

Dude. I was almost rolling on the floor.

Incelistan will rise again. Retreating to the vestiges of our empire, far beyond the seas and oceans. Armed and guarded by the incel fleet. Until in keks good time the incels shall return to slay the normies, drown puppies and slaughter the chads in the streets.
Nov 8, 2017

-add limited in support and Remove MRA and replace with the redpill, they are less cucked(but still bluepilled) and showed us more support
-add r/cuckhold in the belligerents
-Add St.Elliot rodger Martyr suicide squads in Incel units
-Also add u/Azavii callers brigade
-Add more images in general, like for example: an photo with someone putting down an siege ladder "incels resisting an invasion from r/insanepeoplefacebook" an photo of an dead crusader with the face of blackops2cel in the shield "Brave blackpill crusader being banned in the awe of the 6 november holocaust" and a photo of a corpse with an vibrator in the mouth "corpse of u/dannymason after being profanated by normies"
-Replace six november "incident" with holocaust, let`s call things like they are
Also put azavii as the principal leader, as the messiah of the Incel movement.

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