Social media is recurring proof to the reality of incels' claims

Nov 7, 2017
I just got on Facebook for the first time in a while. I open it in the morning to make sure nobody has sent me a death threat and then go about the rest of my day without it. Tonight, however, I skimmed through some posts and found a video being shared. If you've seen TheReportOfTheWeek on Youtube before, you know what you're getting: really nice young guy who reviews various foods, dresses up in large suits, and is pretty much the manifestation of a wholesome meme. 

The video itself wasn't particularly interesting, and the content isn't what gained traction. You can already guess what did. It was nothing but a vulgar circlejerk about how pale, childlike, and disgusting he looks. Nobody had the brain, much less the heart, to dissect just how nice and well spoken he is; all they cared about was finding someone else they could put beneath them. Every slight made against incels and the mantra that incels "are just horrible people" are visibly and undeniably untrue, and it would often only take looking through any normie's comment history just to make that evident.

I fucking despise humanity. Being a good person is meaningless. Looking good is all these scum care about.

Bonus: There are pages making money by using his content just to attack his appearance, which, as we all know, devolves into him being attacked as a person as well. Meanwhile, we are banned from our subreddit for venting.


Nov 8, 2017
He seems like a true gentleman but just because of his asymmetrical features and recessed bone structure normies fucking bully and ridicule him, how disgusting and appalling. An incel should contact him, let him know we are behind him and invite him here.

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