Rules, Terminology, and FAQ.

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Nov 7, 2017
Rules and Terminology

  • Incel (Allowed): Person who is not in a relationship nor has had sex in a significant amount of time, despite numerous attempts.
  • Mentalcel (Allowed): Type of incel whose reason for failure in relationships/sex is related to mental illness or major insecurities.
  • Volcel (Allowed): Person who, for various reasons, is voluntarily abstinent and does not engage in sex.
  • Blackpilled (Conditional): Person who is none of the above but has a blackpilled mentality.
  • Female (Not Allowed): Banned on sight, no exceptions. Most women have no problem finding partners for sexual or romantic purposes.
  • Bragging: Keep your romantic and sexual experiences to yourself, even if they happened a long time ago. Bragging of any sort, including humble-bragging, will constitute a heavy warning or ban.
  • Bluepill: Positivity is appreciated, as long as it is not bluepill ideology or white-knighting.
  • Targeted attacks: Persecution or bullying of other users is not allowed.
  • Trolling: Purposely triggering threads intended to create reactions are not allowed. This includes race-baits.
  • Low-effort / Spam: No pointless threads, spamming, or posting all the time in caps.
  • Avatars & Signatures: NSFW, selfies, and worship images are not allowed in avatars nor signatures.
  • Violent Content & Pornography: Needs [NSFW] tag if it's a thread, spoiler tags if it's a post.
  • Necroposting: Avoid reviving old threads (Last reply > 1 month ago).
  • Disallowed Threads:
    1. Worship & Traps
    2. Stories of romantic / sexual experiences.
    3. Ratings (Megathread in Offtopic).
    4. Clarification on a warning / ban.
    5. Discussion of illegal activities.
    6. Requests for a ban (PM a mod).
    7. Cherry picking. (E.g. Incel-looking men with girlfriends).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

-What is an "Incel"? I have no idea what all of this is about.
Read this thread

-I have a serious inquiry, where can I reach you?
Send an email to [email protected].

-Does the site have a Twitter?
Yes, click here.

-Where can I get some cool t-shirts?
Check out the store here.

-How do I change the site's theme?
There is a button on the bottom left of the page to change themes.
The five available are: Light, Dark, Classic, Fast Banana, and Fast Banana Dark.

-Why can't I send PM's?
As a spam prevention measure, accounts with less than 5 posts can't send PM's.

-How do ranks and stars work?
You earn one star per 100 posts, up to 5 stars.
Once you get 500 posts, your rank and color changes, and you reset to one star again.
Notice that for each rank you need to have been registered one extra week on the site, this is so spamming to skip ranks isn't possible.
You can see all ranks in the Members section's sidebar.

-I have more than X posts, why hasn't my user color changed?
If you have the post count + registered time required, simply be patient; the 'upgrade' process runs every hour.

-How do I change the tag under my username / my alert preferences?
From your preferences panel.

-How do I get alerts from a thread?
At the top right of every thread there's a button that says "Watch".
If you want to Watch a particular thread without having to post, simply click the button.
By changing your alert preferences, you can automatically Watch threads after you post in a thread, or after you create a thread.

-Who are the mods and admin?
Check the Members section.

-Can I block a user that is annoying / I don't like?
Yes. Click on their username, followed by the button "Ignore".

-Can I edit / delete my posts and threads?
Posts: You have a 1 hour window to edit / delete them.
Threads: You have a 1 hour window to edit them, but you can't delete them, as otherwise good discussions are sometimes lost.
You can always ask a Mod to remove content if you really need it gone.

-Can I change my username?
No, but you are free to create a new account.

-How do I close my account?
We do not delete accounts nor mass-delete content.
You can PM a mod to get a voluntary ban.

-What happens if I am banned?
Your posting privileges will be taken away, and you won't be able to start PM conversations.
If you feel your ban was unfair, you can post an appeal in the "Ban Appeal" section. Read the sticky there first.

-How can I stay safe online?
The same way you do anywhere else: Don't post personal information (Real name, address, phone, email, pictures, etc), unless you are comfortable exposing that information to the whole internet. If you want to go a step further, you can post with a proxy or a VPN.

-Why was X user warned / banned?
Warnings are personal, we do not publicly announce reasons.
You are free to PM the user in question to ask, though know that it will not be an official statement.

-Is the only official domain? will always be the main domain, but we have others: (No 's' at the end)
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