Pride festivals are degenerate


The Black Knight
Nov 7, 2017
Pride festivals are nothing but a display of how degenerate and immoral humanity has become. Seriously. Never in my life have I ever seen so much degeneracy in one place. Just one fucking look at it would tell you how filthy and raunchy these festive are. Faggots and dykes wearing provocative clothes out in public, degenerates twerking, kissing and rubbing each other to the whole fucking world to see. Absolutely revolting. 

To make things worse even small children are forced to watch this degenerate shit-show. I honestly wonder what goes through a parent's mind when they think that it's okay to take their children to a parade where people act like total fucking animals without any morals or ethics. In a sane society, the parents would be arrested for exposing [font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]impressionable children to perverse and amoral lifestyles bcause it is nothing but psychological abuses towards children. [/font]

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