One of The Young Turks exposed as a secret incel!!

Nov 8, 2017

Skip to 7:27 and look at his body language and tone of voice when he brings up incels. He acts like he is trying to hide the fact that he subscribes to the incel ideology. This is exactly how I would act if I was talking about incels IRL but didn't have the balls to defend my real stance.


Brocel | ThiccQueen
Nov 7, 2017
incel4life said:
John is a chad. Square jaw, perfectly symmetrical face, looks tall to. I think he did mention once that he was a virgin until his 20s though.
If not Incel then betacuck, he is just so cucky around Cenk. It's so embarrassing hearing john tell a joke and then Cenk giving him that fake laugh.

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