Intro to Inceldom

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Nov 7, 2017
Introduction to Inceldom and the Blackpill.

This is a guide to clarify some misunderstandings about Inceldom and the Blackpill.
Note there are many incels with different ideologies. This is simply a catch-all FAQ.

What does Incel mean?
Incel means Involuntary Celibate, a person who, if you take the term literally, can't have sex despite wanting to. In practice this means having no possibility of finding a partner to get validation, love, or acceptance from, due to unattractiveness, insecurities, or mental illness.

Is being an incel the same as being a virgin?
No. While the vast majority of incels are virgins, there are some cases where the person has had sex in the past.

Why don't you go to an escort?
While some people do go to escorts, sex isn't the main point of inceldom, as already stated.

Is there are minimum required age to be incel?
In general one should wait until late teens to claim being incel, as otherwise one is still constantly changing due to puberty.

Would therapy help?
While therapy is a valid source of help for many people, it is not a catch-all solution for every problem, especially one that is most of the time radicalized in the appearance of a person. Most of all it is an overused platitude that assumes incels are ignorant of its existence.

Can females be incel? Can gay people?
It’s vastly easier for a female to get validation and sex than a male in today's society. Unless a female belongs to the bottom percentile in terms of appearance it’s going to be very hard for them not to be able to find many suitors for any kind of romantic or sexual activity.
While not discussed as often, it is believed homosexual men similarly have it easier than heterosexual men.

What are the Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill?
They are ideologies based on the movie "The Matrix", where Morpheus offers Neo one of two pills: A red and blue one. The blackpill was later derived from these two.
  • The Bluepill can be seen as idealistic, claiming personality and 'being yourself' are what matter the most in the game of seduction.
  • The Redpill tries to show that appearance and attitude are far more important when approaching girls than inherent personality. Maximize your odds by dressing this way, talking that way, gesturing this other way instead.
  • The Blackpill claims being attractive is far more important than personality or attitude; while these can be improved, they are marginal in comparison to natural appearance.
I've seen unattractive people with partners, doesn't that contradict the Blackpill?
The Blackpill is a rule of thumb, not a law. It indicates the behavior of society on average.

Who’s Chad?
Chad is what incels are not: Charismatic, tall, good-looking, confident, muscular. It's a meme.

What would improve an incel's situation?
The sad truth is that for many there is no permanent solution, as their situation is due to society standards. Some consider surgery a way out, but ideally finding a partner who provided love and care would be the most helpful.

I've heard negative things about Incels on the news, is there truth to it?
Over the years some people who have broken the law have called themselves incels and thus given our community a negative reputation, aided by sensationalistic. Yet there is no truth to any correlation given; inceldom has no relation with illegal activities of any kind.
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