I went from incel to slaying a new girl 8 weeks in a row

Nov 8, 2017
If you started gymcelling (+ juice) and it took you out of inceldom, you were never a truecel.
Gymcelling works on failed normies / volcels / mentalcels. Truecels are trully doomed.


Nov 8, 2017
Cabal Reloaded said:
What happened? Was it just TRT doses because you were clinically low T and you started felling normal?
no one uses tren for TRT, its one of the most hard core steroids that bodybuilders use....very bad for longterm health

ive been on trt before and it does make you feel better but changed nothing in relation to females. i quit because it improved my sex drive & i didnt have an outlet for that which made me VERY depressed. jut made me feel like a teen again with all the frustration.

 As an incel you are better off with low T and low desire.

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