[SuicideFuel] I cheked the best sellers books on Amazon for women....

Nov 8, 2017
Almost 70% of these books are love story similar to 50 Shades of Grey, in which the main character is your classic average Stacy, average on looks,average on career, low paying job, a couple of stupid roasties friends, a medium class family etc...
She then meets the classic high status prince Chad, with great looks and high on LMS overall: the man she is taught to look for and make herself wet since she was a girl. He casually falls for her and then begins their relationship.

So these kind of shitty love stories are what women read and fantasize about.
These books are sold like crazy and have extreme success.

If you have a very low LMS level and you are fucked up on looks, you will never find what women look for, you are basically invisible to them.
The #metoo movement is basically made for slaughtering and annihilating sub-6 males, you can be a sado psycho, a rapist and have a fucked up mind, all that will not stop a women to get wet for you if you are one of those Chad in these books.

As a male, you biggest crime you can commit is not homicide, not rape, not being a pedo

It is being ugly.


Personality mogged by Ted Bundy
Nov 7, 2017
But remember kids, we must ban "male power fantasies" in video games by turning all the women ugly like in Mass Effect Andromeda. Don't remove the male models though, gotta think of the women.


Feb 8, 2018
the humorous thing about this 50 shades stuff is all the women online on places like reddit saying it was terrible. Yeah it was so "terrible" you read every book and saw every movie. The book sold 125 million copies, but yeah it's "terrible" and no women like that stuff.

it's like they are afraid about their chad fantasies being exposed so will deny everything. I don't give a shit if women are attracted to alpha male types, just stop lying about it.

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