I can't stop replaying this clip. (Ever since I accepted that he's the only 10.0/10)

Nov 8, 2017
To have ever existed.

Jfl @ thinking that Miro was the ultimate-mogger. 

Jfl @ watching this, looking in the mirror, and then contemplating ever stepping outside your house again.


Bbbbut, he's norwooding!
Bbbbut, he's an oldcel... (29 in this movie. Side note, but many would say he looked even better at 27 in A Streetcar Named Desire)!
Bbbbut, he doesn't have enough zygo projection or angularity!

I'll let you in on a little secret. It's called F A C E.
Nov 8, 2017
ItWontBeMe said:
IdealMaxilla said:
PSL Legend

Omg so good to see you here. <33333

I am never giving up PSL though (even when Lookism shuts down), but it's good to expand my reach.
this site is lacking the dark incel humor thus far, but many here are in the angry early phase still

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