How to have an interesting/engaging/quality conversation with a female

Nov 8, 2017
So after you have learned to think of women as fourteen-dimensional human beans, you'll need to learn social skillz in order to communicate with these highly intelligent and sophisticated creatures. Here, I will demonstrate the difference between you, a pathetic virgin loser manchild ur personality sux, bro, and Yummy, Charming, Charismatic Chad Bundy:

You: Hey, substance, substance, substance substance, substance. Several sentences of substance.

Her: lol. idk?

You: More sentences of substance. Would you like to get together sometime?

Her: Maybe. idk

You: Thought out suggestions of what you can do, when, and why, then asking when is a good time.

Her: idk. 

You: Asking for specifics.

Her: *No more responses.* 

You see what you did wrong, you virgin loser with a 0/10 personality? 

Now, this is what Chad Bundyhitler, the charismatic musician with a charming, witty sense of humor, would do:

Yummy Chad: hey

Her: hey! :)

Yummy Chad: Netflix and chill at 8?

Her: Sure! :d :p

Yummy Chad: Cool.

You see what Chad did that you didn't do? You treated her like she's just like a dude with a functioning brain, you misogynistic piece of shit. SHE'S A GIRL. If it's not pretty pictures, exclamation points, emoticons, inspirational quotes, shoes, dresses, skirts, fakeup, coffee, cooking recipes and pretty pixx of food, or her pet dog (and/or pet child who is HER WORLD), she's not going to care about that.

You have to put thought into your messages, you socially retarded assholes.


Ultimate Wagecuck
Nov 7, 2017
Chad: fkme

her: of couuurse!! My place or urs?? Omg i cant wait teehee! :d You must have a big cock! You have big cock right? :d omg im shaking

Chad: suht up

Her: ok sorry bb


Nov 8, 2017
Gah, the only ones who can converse are landwhales or very unattractive looking. Like below a 5. I fucking hate the "coy" little lines they use over and over and over again. Disgusting fucking whores live their entire lives through the shit they read on social media
Nov 8, 2017
If you ever want to talk to a woman just keep it AS SIMPLE AS YOU CAN. Use simple words and speak slow so that she can keep up with you. Women HATE smartass subhumans so yo have to lower yourself yo her mental level in order to achieve some sort of communication.

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