Hold out until 2019 for singularity

Nov 8, 2017
There will be no 2020.

The entire world that you are familiar with will become completely superseded by 2019 including our Judeo-Christian calendar and replaced with something better. Something even more profound than the rise of life itself or the rise of multicellular organisms. Or the rise of technology. From Homo ergaster 1.5 million years ago to Homo sapiens in 12,000 BC, we made virtually no technological progress apart from stone axes and fire. 4,000 years ago, technological progress was measured in centuries. A better plough in one century. A better wheel in another.

Now we are talking about progress happening in the space of years and months. By 2019, human-class AI will emerge and human inventors will become obsolete. This entire world will become transformed as a positive feedback loop of computational creativity encourages the birth of further computational creativity. Technological progress will become measured in days, hours, seconds, milliseconds, and then?

Singularity by 2019.

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