Daily Reminder: Lesbo women are picky, gay men are incels

Nov 8, 2017
When females are unable to find a man they like they decide to fuck each other for a while until an adequate male appears. They have nothing to
lose and they also consumate each other's beauty when having sex. Gay men, on the other hand, are pathetic incels who were incapable of getting
laid with a girl so they decided to fuck each other and pretend that they were born like that and it's totally not a desperate attempt to receive some
level of sexual validation.

I remember the other day, I was watching a TV show with a macho higth T Chad debating some gay men and at one point he asks one of them: "Have
you ever had sex with a woman? Have you ever fucked a girl and not like it?". They gay guy avoided answering and just changed the subject implying that he had NEVER
gotten laid with a femoid and he is just coping with homsexuality.

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