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Nov 7, 2017

lol this kind of post pops up every single time someone ever mentions incels or any similar community of loveless people on the internet and it's incredibly telling that people love it, every time, despite the fact that it contains no useful information and reads--to its ostensible audience, at least--as so blatantly condescending and patronizing that if you offered this post to, say, the general readership of /r9k/, they would nearly universally perceive this kind of commentary as either satire or bait.
this is basically just an extended form of two standard cliches: "you just have to care more about yourself!" (which, in this case, seems to amount to "go to the gym" and "conjure socially acceptable hobbies for yourself out of thin air") and, relatedly, that if you spend enough time improving yourself, random women will materialize out of the ether and reward you with an emotionally fulfilling relationship. it's in many ways related to a separate cliche--"if you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?," which itself operates on a terrible kind of logic: what's really being said is that anyone who does not hold themself in high esteem cannot or should not find romantic companionship, which sounds nice and self-improvement-y but really just communicates that the vast majority of people with depressive forms of mental illness are undeserving of love.
yet people still think this kind of advice is novel or useful or will somehow result in hordes of hermit manchildren opening their blinds and announcing to their waifu pillows, "now i see! the problem all along was that i didn't love myself enough!" the obvious fallacy of this kind of belief is exactly what i'm getting at when i say that posts like this only serve to make the poster feel good for extending a very superficial and performative form of charity to a group of inferior people.
this sort of thing is compounded by the fact that anybody who has actually tried to read or understand online incel (or related) communities, beyond just the shock value of "oh no they sympathize with le mass murder meme man," would readily find a huge archive of personal accounts of "incels" who did exactly the kind of pithy self-improvement techniques advocated in the post--dudes who went to the gym, who bought new clothes, who attended to some kind of socially-appropriate hobby--and it didn't fucking work. but i don't think people who post this sort of stuff really care if their advice is actionable or even ultimately successful--it's really just there so other normies can jack themselves off to the feeling of superiority they get when they think about this semi-real mass of angry virgins on the internet while covering this kind of overt schadenfreude with the comfortable veneer of "helpful advice"
tl;dr reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Nov 7, 2017
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