1. MarriedAndLookin4Fun

    [NSFW] I can spray blood out of my ass (proof included)

    So there's some kind of blister or pimple thing on my right asscheek. I'm suspecting it's just a popped vein or capillary as there is an accumulation of blood down there, plus it's also purple-dark blue in color so it's definitely blood down there. Whenever I empty that sack it refills like an...
  2. psilocybincel

    [Serious] Wtf is this femcel shit??

    How did this shit end up on my YouTube homepage. And who the fuck mixes crack with a weed and peyote. (In a drink nevertheless when crack is freebased cocaine intended to be smoked and cannabis will not be orally active on a usable quantity without the presence of a lipid.) Just retardation.
  3. Orikatan

    Anyone ever heard of PGAD?

    (persistent genital arousal disorder) looks scary.