1. Shaded

    [Blackpill] Forrest Gump

    I just never noticed till family guy of all shows showed me the sad truth about this.
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] Women would be happier in a patriarchal society.

    Women would be happier if they were put into a arranged marriage in their teens and stayed home and made babies. Having a family is much more fulfilling than riding the cock carousel into their late thirties and having one retarded child in vitro as a single mom.
  3. Bunny+Shark

    [Serious] There is this girl

    I have her in one of my classes, she´s nice for a women and all. I was talking to her and saw she was kinda browsing on her on the incognito mode and asked her why (luckily my aut self didnt fucking spaz out) She said she fuckign feels sad for us. Gotta give her guts through got a nice heart...
  4. VST

    Fat women are walking red flags.

    This video sums it up nicely: If you can't watch it then here is a quick summary: Fat women are sensualists. They cannot control their desire for food so how can they control they desire for Chad?
  5. VST

    [Blackpill] Women don't really want loving relationships.

    No matter what they say women do not want a long term relationship with a loving partner. Just look at how much "slut-culture" grew as soon as it became acceptable to be a slut, it just proves that women want nothing but casual sex. Whenever you go on askmen or askwomen you see tonnes of threads...
  6. Redpill Robert

    [Serious] Why do fat ugly girls always fabricate stories about guys hitting on them?

    And complain about "creepers hitting on them" and shit? I mean you notice that hot girls DON'T do this shit. I had a pretty funny experience involving this kind of thing recently. Long story short, I work at a pizza place. There's this morbidly obese guy there named Jake (who also fucking...