1. AutistLinuxCel

    [RageFuel] Today @ work, the sisterhood mentality was proven confirmed to me.

    Allow me to take you back to earlier this week, Wednesday to be exact. I'm working overtime, inducting boxes & minding my own business. Enter Roastie. Roastie asks me if I knew if a pallet of boxes next to me has any labels with them, I responded with "I don't know...sorry." . To which she told...
  2. iblamemyself

    [SuicideFuel] [JFC] Wages and cost of living in my area

    Fucking ridiculous. Look at that: (monthly figures in € unless stated otherwise) Average income (net, no uni degree) 1100 - 1500 Average income (net, uni degree) 1700 - 2200 Health insurance (already covered in wage unless self employed) 200 - 400 Taxes for profits (only for self employed...