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    [RageFuel] Another white roastie makes an Incel video (ERFuel)

    >"It's something that i've been vaguely aware of for a long time" >let me give you a 26 minute insight of what I firmly believe JFL at her channel bio
  2. VST

    [Blackpill] A roasties video about tinder is full of blackpills

    It shows that >Women do not give a fuck if you are successful. (In the video she implies that men that work in finance are "basic" and in the comments some roasties imply that lawyers are also "basic") Women just do not give a fuck >You cannot consume alcohol or other depressants before a date...
  3. M

    [Experiment] Considering a new experiment

    Hey, I am a NEET with nothing better to do, so I have considered conducting a little experiment. In the form of a “vlog”, I will be filming myself doing all the typical cucktears/normie approaches and taking their advice. This includes things such as “being confident”, wearing designer clothes...