1. whogivesafucc

    [Serious] "Came out" to my parents as gay

    They were just like "lol we knew it all along" and started laughing at me JFL this is what inceldom made me resort to, hopefully now they stop asking "why don't you have a girlfriend yet" every 9 seconds. Meanwhile my obese 12 year old brother talks to girls on the phone all day and has...
  2. eliotrogerhere

    [Venting] Better explanation of why I'm leaving. (I got laid with a blowjob.)

    Nope still a virgin. I was only joking lol. Now, when I heard the blackpill, it was so cool to see incels making videos explaining the complexities of society (FaceandLMS, BlkPillPres). It was even cooler when I saw guys actually catfishing IN person. Then r/incels became one of the fastest...