1. eliotrogerhere

    [LifeFuel] My ultimate goal is to spread the blackpill to anyone and everyone. When the time comes, don't get in my way.

    That's all I ask of you. If you see anyone attempting to publicly spread the blackpill, use what little ounce of non-autistic critical thinking you have and DON'T get in his/her way. Incels who are hostile towards this Black Crusade are just as low as IncelTears. Oh and as for FagBoiTears...
  2. VST

    [JFL] JFL @ Paying for Therapy

    Lmao, you're literally paying for emotional support, hahaha. Don't you faggots know normies get that shit for free in the form of a gf? Paying for emotional support is literally the same as paying for sex, both are pathetic as fuck.