1. CopeWithTheRope

    [RageFuel] Most degenerate Tinder profile of all time *WARNING*

    Holy fucking shit. It doesn't get much sluttier than this, boyos. I raged when I stumbled upon this profile...You've been warned. Edit: I have more pics but this jewsite won't allow me to upload them.
  2. F

    [It's Over] On my last year of high school.

    I am on my last year of high school, and the way things are looking, I am highly doubtful that I will ever get laid before the year ends. If i dont ever have sex or at least kiss a girl by the time the school year ends, and I leave to go to Navy bootcamp, It will truely be over for me, despite...
  3. Saint Michael

    I caught a femoid using dating sites while in a relationship with a sub8

    I was on tinder triggering myself and I saw a femoid I knew. She also flirted with a friend of mine while we were IN WALMART. She's completely betrayed her fat cucked sub 8 "boyfriend" but when I told him he threatened physical violence. Tsk tsk femoids need validation from everyone. I bet she...
  4. satoshisacuck

    [Venting] This is AM..Reddit

    Like, its crazy how much they are pushing degeneracy, I am not even gonna click on it since I am fasting and shit, but seriously whats wrong this site? It used to be so good in the early days for those of us that have like 8 year or 9 year old accounts. When did this shit happen?
  5. InebriatedIrish

    [NSFW] My Little Pony Fan Art

    Images like this makes me want to rope.