1. Leucosticte

    I wish there were some decent suicide forums around

    Problem is, trolls took over the unmoderated forums, and the moderated ones mostly went private. It seems to be as hard to keep a good hardcore suicide forum up as it is to keep a hardcore rapecel forum up. There used to be this one called Suicide Methods Hideout that was great because, as the...
  2. Vainglorious

    POLL: Have You Ever SERIOUSLY Attempted Suicide?

    A serious attempt is one in which you took substantial steps toward completing the act. You survived because the gun misfired or the rope broke or someone found you or you got committed to a psych ward or you were interrupted or you tried to undo it. Thinking about it, obsessing about it...
  3. lonelyistheworld

    [JFL] breast cancer awareness

    Who isn't already aware of breast cancer? I don't think we need more awareness. Around 6 billion dollars is raised every year to fight breast cancer. Why don't we have male suicide awareness month instead? I don't...
  4. C450_4matic

    [Serious] What are your thoughts on suicide?

    If someone's life really, really sucks, and it's not likely to get better, why try to stop someone from killing themselves? It seems cruel to tell someone who's in a lot of pain (whether physical or mental) to tough it out because there's a chance that things might get better in the future.
  5. mrhaircut33

    I will sui this year

    I promise. I won't let you guys down
  6. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Imagine if we commited mass suicide

    I'm talking if we coordinated It and made it clear it was in the name of inceldom. Imagine all virtue signalling normies and the completely unconcerned chads and staceys. Thoughts. (The tags provided when you type in suicide are: assisted suicide, murder-suicide kek)
  7. Cleftcel

    Thoughts on assisted suicide

    Should it be available to those with a terminal illness? and should it also be available to anyone who wants to make the decision to end their lives in a safe and dignified manner? If it was I feel I could of done it by now, saved up the money and gone about it in an unemotional and rational manner
  8. Bjrgaminggod

    [Blackpill] The Truth is no one *Truly* cares if you (Ugly Males) Suicide

    Think about It, We're controlled by the system to wageslave from the moment we are physically capable, just like how a farmer only truly cares if his cash cow cant make milk, the goverment only cares if your not producing money for them. Just Like a Stacy only cares if the average or ugly male...
  9. ASS_F

    [Serious] Former r/incels user u/Stagetail has passed away

    Some of you from r/incels may remember him He took the rope He deleted his account but every one on the thread is saying it's him RIP