suicide fuel

  1. S

    [Venting] Being a mentalcel is utter hell.

    It fucking kills me on the inside seeing so many males a few points lower in attractiveness than me having cute gfs(I'm 5-6/10). I see them everywhere on campus, and many times when I talk to someone in class that would be considered lookcel on the internet he casually mentions his girlfriend...
  2. xxxrivenmainxxx

    got rejected by my female friend

    Dont think personality or emotional connection matters. The last 3 months were the best months ive ever had , we always laughed and had fun and hanged out all the time. Doesnt matter, shes still a femoid and was litteraly repulsed when i simply tried to cuddle a bit...
  3. Virginp0wers

    Consumed by loneliness/ isolation

    Any other incels get days where you just cant stop thinking about how shitty your situation is? ive never had any friends, no job, i pretty much spend every day just refreshing this forum for new posts and playing wow. It hurts to just exist sometimes, the isolation consumes all your thoughts.