1. Six

    [Soy] Hmmm

  2. lonelyistheworld

    [Soy] soyboy music

  3. acnescarcel

    s0ylent with a cucktears user

    i recently met a cuckqueer member in the local soylent bar. he was a frequent poster there and r/cuckold. there was something on his face while we were talking i couldn't tell if it was soy or cum. he talked constantly about confidence and how to find your gf a new bf. he said that his dream was...
  4. lonelyistheworld

    [Soy] 600 guests

  5. Crustaciouse

    [RageFuel] Bluepilled normscum lingo.

    "Yikes" "You must be fun at parties" "Who hurt you?" "Sweetie" "I thought jokes where supposed to be funny" "Y'all" "FEMALE here" "Sex happens when you least expect it" "Eww" "Stop saying female" "It's almost as if" "This is why your incel" "Hate speech is not free speech" "Someone report him to...
  6. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] It's okay to cry as a man

    In the eyes of normalfags men are not allowed to cry. Because in their eyes men are disposable garbage and must be strong at all times to defend the "women and children" who are considered more valuable for some retarded reason. As a man It's okay to cry. You are human after all.
  7. Profligate

    [Soy] [JFL] Cuck2988 defends his whore ex after she dumps him for not betabuxxing her enough

    "camgirling is a tough position, the stuff that she does for living is a tough position. I got nothing but love and respect for girls who do what she does for living but yeah everybody could use a little extra money"