1. Ascent God

    Woke Words About The Spiritual Differences Between The Sexes Written 115 Years ago

    *Women don't have appreciation for chastity; only men have. *Women look for sexually experienced brutal Chads and not men of virtue. *They're looking for the biggest male slut. *Woman is a non entity and she only gains existence through Chad's sexuality. *Non brutal males are fucked - and have...
  2. znbox

    [Serious] The biology of female sexuality

    I was thinking and reading about this a lot, also going undercover to female forums and I have built a theory which still has some plot holes but I want to know your opinion. So, biologically males need to impregnate the most females, and females need the best mate (i.e. Chad). And most of the...
  3. Mixedcel

    What is the most bizarre sexual act you would like to try?

    For me it is bondage, facesitting and lactation.