1. Mixedcel

    What is the most bizarre sexual act you would like to try?

    For me it is bondage, facesitting and lactation.
  2. I


    Why haven't you purchased an anime girl sex doll?
  3. B

    [LifeFuel] Brave New World sex life better than Gilead or Saudi Arabia

    Many here seem to prefer a sexually oppressive regime, like Saudi Arabia, among Amish people or like Gilead from Handmaid's Tale. Understandable reason is that sexual freedom brought great improvements in sex life for a few, a bit for many, while we are excluded. Probably most people have read...
  4. Vainglorious

    POLL: Getting Sucked Off at a Glory Hole

    I saw one once in a mens room at a flea market. I was 15 and ignored it b/c I'm not gay. But assuming you were in a place where you couldn't know if the sucker was a man or a woman, and it was 50/50 either way and assuming you couldn't get an STD or get you dick injured, would you do it? I...
  5. P

    Is sex a rite of passage to adulthood in 2018?

    Back in the old days a young girl would become fertile and quickly get married off to an older man. In those times he would quickly bed her the night of the wedding to consummate the marriage. In these times sex was used as an identifier that she was no longer a little girl and entered adulthood...