1. E

    [LifeFuel] Chill song - should be the incel anthem

    Lyrics are a little cuck like but who here hasn’t felt these emotions before getting blackpilled?
  2. Sadness

    [Story] My most blackpilling experiences

    All of these happened in high school. I was in class once and I leaned over to the whore across from me and asked if she had an eraser. She looked at me like she was terrified, like I had a gun to her head or I was a monster, and whispered "no". She was a extrovert and a slut so I know this...
  3. L Lawliet

    We should add more sections

    I think OffTopic section is not enough. We should add more sections like(It is better cope and lifefuel I think): ->Science -Maths(Integral,derivative...) -Physics(Gravity...) -Biology(Human Body...) -Chemical -Computer Programming -Electronic -Your Projects ... ->News and Media ->Games and...