1. Snowman888

    [Serious] How To Spot A roastie?!!

    Give Some tips , to stay alert.
  2. chudur-budur

    [TeeHee] Skincare: Roastie whore washing her face and body with piss

    It's unbelievable how low these whores can go down to get chad's attention. These lunatics believe washing their face and body with fresh morning piss is going to give them shiny young skin. What's your thought on this? Note: she starts rubbing piss at 2:20
  3. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Blackpilling a dumped roastie sex-slave, she is coping like a super-sonic jet engine!!! Fucking kek!!!!

    This is a follow-up thread from the post made by @BlackOpsIIcel I am trying to blackpill that dumb roastie about chad, and she gets sperging out. Holy...
  4. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] normalfags constantly bring up incel topic for no reason

    It doesn't matter where you are on the internet normalfags will always bring up the incel topic for no reason. You can be reading about video games or something completely random and some normalfag will be like "THOSE FUCKING INCELS"
  5. lonelyistheworld

    [Experiment] Rude things normalfags have said/done to you lately?

    I went to a concert a few weeks ago and some fat POS said "He looks so stupid." At work about a week ago these two faggots said "He looks like a virgin." the other fatass sarcastically replied "Well there's online dating... I bet he's like prince charming hahah." I went to another concert last...
  6. I

    [Serious] Am I the only one who's never had a conversation with womyn my age?

    I don't know what they talk about, are interested in, their hobbies and whatever else I'm secluded from. The only foids I've spoken to are probably business women (30+) in events whilst on school trips lmao If anyone (everyone) here have ever spoken to a foid under the age of 25, pls give me an...
  7. I

    [RageFuel] Roasties saying they prefer Personality over Looks, JFL

    In most of this retard's videos, most of the roasties being interviewed claim they prefer personality over looks, JFL at their lies.
  8. I

    [Serious] Do you think Females are going to adopt the word "Incel" as their own?

    Like how they claim they're "depressed af", or "suicidal : (" when females cannot experience these mental illnesses? Like how girls who play, what, 1-3 games on and off and refer themselves "as gamer girls". Imagine pic related being a part of girl's tinder profiles or instagram bio's. :feelsmega:
  9. I

    [Serious] All women are attentionwhores and need capital punishment for it

    reverse propaganda thread, guests kill yourselves