1. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] Roastie vaginas are disgusting.

    Whore vaginas are disgusting. Big gaping holes that have had miles of cock from numerous different men run through them. And those disgusting beef flaps. Also think of all the bodily fluids from every person she's had sex with. Virgins are the only women worth having a long term relationship with.
  2. pieceofshit

    [RageFuel] Just saw this roastie on r/truerateme and I'm smh...

    Call me a dumbass for using reddit, I don't care, but everyone in the comments is sucking up to her. And it's honestly just so cucked, one guy rated her an 8.5 (I'd fuck her but, just no). Link
  3. VST

    [Blackpill] A roasties video about tinder is full of blackpills

    It shows that >Women do not give a fuck if you are successful. (In the video she implies that men that work in finance are "basic" and in the comments some roasties imply that lawyers are also "basic") Women just do not give a fuck >You cannot consume alcohol or other depressants before a date...
  4. VST

    Is Harvey Weinstein /ourguy/?

    >Be fat jew >Work hard to get where you are >Realise that you missed out on enjoying life >Decide to offer up roles to women that are willing to suck your dick >Women are whores so they do so >The women end up being extremely successful and making millions of dollars for 5 minutes of action...
  5. VST

    [JFL] Roastie song

  6. VST

    [LifeFuel] ROASTIE BTFO >Roastie thinks that she can become an instagram star >Fails to notice that she is fat >And ugly >Racks up thousands of dollars in debt with no return Lmao, the state of women in 2018.