1. Disabed_gamer

    [RageFuel] Chick at my group therapy claimed to be incel.

    My mother makes me go to a group theropy about once a month for people who are going through life with disablilities . I rarely even say anytthing because even if i did i heard it all before. But there was a incedent yesterday that made me laugh at the same time filled me with anger. There is...
  2. Incelibate anarchist

    [Venting] The NY rapecel was a falseflag.

    Just like we suspected, It was an inceltears poster setting up a false flag. They didn't mention that the user joined 22mins before making that thread. They also failed to show how every single user called them out as bait. Ffs, you'd think that they would be able to find enough edgy post's by...
  3. AK74

    [RageFuel] One of the biggest rage fuels you will ever see

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/21/opinion/boys-violence-shootings-guns.html Absolutely pathetic, as if it's an accomplishment to be a piece of shit and try to "embarrass" and "strip a male of his masculinity" by ordering for him when in reality you will just make the situation awkward "Girls...