1. J

    [RageFuel] I can’t believe I repeated the same mistake

    I don’t know where to begin. In my previous post, I encouraged you guys to never help a foid in any situation. I feel like I turned against my own word. I took a beating for a subhuman noodlewhore. She has two kids from previous relationships. Now, she is married to a Nepali refugee for four...
  2. Virginp0wers

    [Venting] Cried today

    FUCK FUCK FUCK why do we have to suffer inceldom and be alone. I seriously wish i was aborted, fuck this fucked society, fuck these shallow females, i just want to not be alone. too much to ask for i guess. also failed nofap :feelsbadman:
  3. Virginp0wers

    Girl at my new job literally looks like a Tumblr foid

    She has blue hair, short , slightly chubby and has nose rings / ear rings. Id say no more than 1-2 years older than me. ( im 22) she even tried giving me shit on the 1st day lmao, because the other new recruit ( 4/10 foid in a LTR) was typing slow and i said im not used to seeing people type...
  4. Incelibate anarchist

    [Venting] IT user's spreading lie's and propaganda.

    Lmao, these bluepilled loser's are so ignorant.First off, Incel's do not deny that female's can achieve orgasm, so of course female's enjoy sex. That's why most of them cheat. Second, woman who "enjoy's having sex and is not ashamed of it" are slut's, that's why men think less of them, they have...
  5. Indari


  6. Virginp0wers

    I hate humans.

    This is probably one of the many motivators behind my inceldom, i cannot stand people at all. I hate them all, my last job in customer service + years of bullying while in education has made me despise all humans. And this isnt even an oh look im so edgy kind of thing. I seriously hate all...