1. B

    Which "decent" woman would you reject only because of other race/ethnicity?

    Imagine you could get a good girl or woman (even dumb virgin if you like it), but of a race/ethnicity that is often considered lower, by those who believe in it. Would you reject her, and if, of which race. First is your, second of the potential mate. Max. 4 votes. The ethnic groups mentioned...
  2. Bronzehawkattack

    [Serious] I hate white people.

    That's click-bait by the way. What I really hate are white normies. White incels or black pilled white men are fine in my book, you're my brothers. But other than you guys, I hate white people. It doesn't matter if they're liberal or conservative, I hate them equally. On one end of the spectrum...
  3. VincentVanCope

    Why do girls lie so much about their racial preferences.

    They fucking NEED to virtue signal like a fish needs water ffs. Actual fucking proof, as if the overwhelming anecdotal evidence wasn’t enough. It’s over.
  4. Bjrgaminggod

    [News] [Blackpill] American Whites are dying faster than they can reproduce in 17 states

    In other Words whitcels it's OVER Just LDAR