1. Incellectual

    [Experiment] What is your favorite pet?

    Lets see what the preferred pet of incels is. if you don't like pets put other
  2. Incellectual

    [Serious] What should I name my rats

    I legit don't know what to name them and thought it would be fun to hear some suggestions from you guys. They are teenage (?) rats that I got a few days ago but they still have no names.
  3. Incellectual

    Pet rats

    Anyone here own rats? I feel like rats are the ultimate incel pet. Think about it: foids and normies hate them because they think they are gross and ugly but they are actually really smart and nice when you get to know them/treat them with respect. As a small, ugly male I can relate a lot with...
  4. Orikatan

    Even my cat gets sex

    Heard screaming and looked outside to see my cat fucking another cat. Well at least someone is getting sex. :feelsbadman:
  5. Incellectual

    [Story] Letting my incel pet rat cuck my Chad pet rat for fun

    Around a year ago I used to have 3 pet rats. There were 2 males, a big black alpha Chad rat and a smaller incel rat. The other rat was incel because only Alpha rats get to mate with the females of the rat colony and this rat was younger and smaller than the Chad rat. Being a manlet incel myself...