1. Phaoni

    [Hypocrisy] Woman Are Just Glorifying Chad's Personality

    Just had a random thought, thought I should share. Every woman out there saying they find dates due to their personalities are just glorifying Chad. All they're saying is: my Chad boyfriend is an alpha male. He's abusive and obnoxious and I love it. He won me because he's a real man while sub...
  2. depressedcel66

    [Experiment] Whats your personality type?

    I've heard of this stuff before but I took a free test online only recently and I got INFP-T, you get a description of what it means, but i googled it and its basically supposed to be a "self-help assesement test", i wanna see if it gets me anywhere at all. I'm interested though in others' types...

    [NSFW] Surgery for personality???

    Howdy y'all Today, I, UBCERCEL shall show you how personality change is done. 1st step. SKULL RESHAPING SURGERY 2nd step. LEG LENGTHENING SURGERY Here we can see pajeet becoming chadpreet 3rd step. LEFORT III See? Misgoyny VANISHED, toxic masculinity VANISHED I'd like cucktears...
  4. J

    [Experiment] Foid good personality or looks?

    Imagine that you get to ascend, and that you are on a LTR. Whats most important to you: that your female companion is "good hearted", smart and funny, but 4/10 or less. Or that the foid is evil and cruel to incels and some normies, but not to you, smart and funny, and a 7/10 or more. I was...
  5. Kurdish_Incel

    [Blackpill] Why you can't defeat Chad no matter what.

    Chads are attractive from the beginning with top-tier genetics so they have unlimited attention from girls and guys. Girls want to be his girlfriend and guys want to be friends with him so they can have relationships with the girls who eye chad. Why has chad the best game that exists? Because...
  6. I

    [RageFuel] Roasties saying they prefer Personality over Looks, JFL

    In most of this retard's videos, most of the roasties being interviewed claim they prefer personality over looks, JFL at their lies.
  7. lonelyistheworld

    [RageFuel] The 80/20 rule is proof that modern women are shit human beings.

    "Women don't like you because of your terrible personality." DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT CAUSE AND EFFECT IS? Also maybe YOU should work on your shit personality, CUNT. Women think they are better than 80% of men and disregard them as garbage. It's funny they think so highly of themselves when...