1. Robo Sapien

    [It's Over] Currycels on suicide watch

    Why the fuck do I see some rare genetic anomaly from Indian like every 2 weeks? Some kid has 8 arms. Another has 6 legs. Sheesh, it never began for you guys. R.I.P.
  2. Jockcel

    [SuicideFuel] I just hit the point of no return

    I just turned 20 as a KHHV. :feelsrope:
  3. lonelyistheworld

    [It's Over] forget 80/20 it's 95/5 now

    I was talking to tradcon lady on a FaceandLMS YouTube video today. It's no longer 80% of men that are unattractive now it's 95%. It's fucking OVER. HOLY SHIT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KILL ME NOW.
  4. Jockcel

    [SuicideFuel] You will never be this guy

    You will never get thousands of prime jbs wet as a gl young boxing champion. Why live?
  5. SupremeG

    [SuicideFuel] Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

    I'm so tired of suffering. 2 last years were just full of painful rejection. I better stop writing cause this is getting cringe af. So let's just make a minute's silence and watch that video. You will realise, it's over for the better. It's much easier to stop caring and accept it.