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  1. T

    [Blackpill] A few occurings of women being delusional/humiliating their orbiters

    Context : 1st picture : screenshot of one orbiter being told he's basically not chad so he can't score despite being perfect for her. (Girl is a cute 17 yo asian League player) 2nd picture : some egirl complaining that chad doesn't text her, incels don't count in her eyes. The thread is filled...
  2. Incellectual

    [Venting] Foids always get catered to first

    Today at the convenience store I was behind a foid paying for some stuff. There were 2 male cashiers but both were trying to help her and talk with her instead of helping me purchase my food. I was on a lunch break at work so I didn't have a lot of time, so this was irritating to say the least...
  3. VisVoi

    [JFL] Catfishman Exposed as an Orbiting Cuck

    Catfishman is the one with the Link pfp Bonus:
  4. M

    [Experiment] Do you have online female friends?

    I had one but she recently closed snap Now I Is all alone