1. chudur-budur

    [NSFW] O Faptain! My Faptain!!

    Greetings from a time traveling nofapper from the future.
  2. Wargreymon_Oz

    Muslimcels how did your ramadan go

    Post your fasting and fapping stories. I'll start im 29 for 29 unless I fuck up right now. Looking forward to bust this nut boyos.
  3. Raper

    My therapist advised NoFap™

    Raper: I don't have a girlfriend. :feelscry: Therapist: Do you masturbate, Raper? Raper: Yes. Therapist: Just do not masturbate. Raper: Mmm, okay. :feelscry:
  4. iblamemyself

    [Challenge] Anyone wanna join a nofap challenge?

    Just an idea I got spontaniously. Have already done good nofap streaks. Want to do it again. I'm aiming for the classic 90 day mark. Motivation? This time I simply want to challenge myself, that is all. I also want to take a long ass break from escortcelling because that is one expensive hobby...