1. Incellectual

    [Serious] How do you become a NEET?

    My parents would never let me live at home and NEET it up tbh. Is there a way to become a NEET if your parents wont provide for you or are you doomed to wageslave forever?
  2. TheLivingFailure

    [Venting] Why is finding a job so hard?

    I finished high school and I've been a NEET for a while now. I've been applying for all the jobs that require barely any qualifications but no one responds. I've searched everywhere and I'm unqualified for everything and I can't afford further education. Should I just rot?
  3. PoodankMcGee

    [Experiment] Can people with siblings be NEET?

    Just a question I thought of while chatting on the IRC. I was wondering whether it's easier to be a NEET when you're an only child, since the parents have no other offspring, and hence the child would be less expendable and the parents would be more accepting of NEETdom. Those of you who are...
  4. TheLivingFailure

    [Experiment] How long have you been a NEET for?

    It's been 6 months for me now.
  5. S

    Anyone else not interested in participating in society?

    Idgaf about education (even though I’ve been to college for four years) or a job and I can’t stand being around normies. I have absolutely not an ounce of desire to be involved in society in whatever way. It’s not worth it as an incel.