1. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Mogtown

    Could you exploit this phenomenon of mogging by hanging around with uglier, balder, shorter, fatter etc males?
  2. narcissist


    I just saw 3 tourists walking down the street today, the guy on the right a balding 5'6 ginger walking next to a bare minimum 6'2 Chad in the center with a gigastacy with her arms all up and around chads body on the left. The girl was probably a 9/10 same with the Chad. Do you think the 3/10...
  3. 42cel_Alt#01

    [JFL] Got brutally mogged by a 5'6 manlet today

    So here's my daily mogging thread, because I have nothing else interesting to report about my day. You know you're incel when a manlet mogs the living shit out of you. He stood right next to me and he had a 7.5/10 face. I saw how more females started to look in my general direction as soon as...