1. FACEandLMS

    [RageFuel] The mentalcels here trigger me so much

    Not the diagnosed aspies like @Twisted or @Enigmatic93 (@Enigmatic ?) who are genuinely disadvantaged (the latter has looks and mental disadvantages), but the self-diagnosed 5+ guys. I won't put him on blast cuz I don't hate him, I am just angry at my situation but I got a PM from a 6.5-7/10...
  2. I

    Mentalcel or truecel?

    How do you know if your a true incels? I'm a virgin at 20 years old. I have had windows opportuniity to get in a relationship with a few women during the course of my life. But i didn't find them attractive enough, and these girls are outsiders like my self. I have been going out with my friends...