low iq

  1. ropecel

    [LDAR] Eating your own cum?

    I just did today and yesterday. Anyone else do this?
  2. hehe xd

    [RageFuel] i always end up cumming all over my face and chest

    i have ogertrained kegels due to inceldom so i shoot really far, even when sitting i usually shoot up like half a meter in the air
  3. idkwattodowithlife

    Whats stopping you from becoming a trans?

    Well, if you clicked onto this thread, you already know that its maybe over for you, and you may have already contemplated about it. My reasoning for not going trans is that I don't want to end up getting weak and being vulnerable to getting raped, and all.
  4. whogivesafucc

    [Serious] "Came out" to my parents as gay

    They were just like "lol we knew it all along" and started laughing at me JFL this is what inceldom made me resort to, hopefully now they stop asking "why don't you have a girlfriend yet" every 9 seconds. Meanwhile my obese 12 year old brother talks to girls on the phone all day and has...
  5. I

    What do you think about pornceling ?

    Making a concept of a porn serie like WoodmanCasting or CastingCouchTeen etc, fucking humiliating girls and it's not like escortceling because you are also paid for it, you fuck girls and make money on top by selling videos on your website. Many concepts get famous with shitty ideas and there...
  6. Indari


  7. Genecel

    [Experiment] [Low iq thread] which family member would you fuck?

    If there was a situation where you had the opportunity to have sex with someone in your family who would it, be? Family by marriage counts.
  8. eliotrogerhere

    [Venting] Better explanation of why I'm leaving. (I got laid with a blowjob.)

    Nope still a virgin. I was only joking lol. Now, when I heard the blackpill, it was so cool to see incels making videos explaining the complexities of society (FaceandLMS, BlkPillPres). It was even cooler when I saw guys actually catfishing IN person. Then r/incels became one of the fastest...
  9. Angry_runt

    Why don't you hate Donald Trump?

    He was born a rich man's son, basically he's had his life gifted to him through luck of the draw, the same way we've been given a shit deal. He's a normie (at least) who's had sex with a lot of women at the expense of guys like us. We hate people like that. If he were on this forum and talking...