1. Raiden

    [Serious] would you accept a boyfriend

    so was thinking about yuri on ice. let's say you get a guy into you and he can either be a chad or a twink. anyways he is superhot and women are into him. but he has his undying love towards you. he also has the same exact interests as you, can be anything anime, games, or what ever. he asks...
  2. VST

    [Blackpill] Women don't really want loving relationships.

    No matter what they say women do not want a long term relationship with a loving partner. Just look at how much "slut-culture" grew as soon as it became acceptable to be a slut, it just proves that women want nothing but casual sex. Whenever you go on askmen or askwomen you see tonnes of threads...
  3. VST

    [Blackpill] If a woman doesn't fall in love with you immediately after seeing you, it isn't true love.

    As we know looks are extremely important for a relationships longevity, so if a girl doesn't fall in love with you at first sight she doesn't really love you, she isn't attracted to you, she is attracted to whatever autistic act you're putting on to appear more neurotypical and as soon as you...