1. Letmego

    Chad tears out cunts intestines during sex. Foids are so fucking disgusting. I bet it being rough sex was believable too, they all want to be "destroyed" Lmao
  2. Virginp0wers

    Incels without friends GTFIH

    Make yourself known my brothers so i dont feel so subhuman in that ive never had a friend. :feelsautistic:
  3. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] Breitbart comment section

    Read the comment section. It's kind of nice to see normies defending incels for once.
  4. narcissist

    [LifeFuel] Chad male model rejected on dating show. [FUNNY/EXTREME LIFEFUEL]

    This male model enters the show expecting an easy lay but gets BRUTALLY rejected. He is shocked that a girl said no to him like it was his first time a girl said no to his face. I reckon he was on the verge of tears and if the cameras weren't rolling he would of gone ER or puched her face for...
  5. Virginp0wers

    I browse POF to look at all the thots in my area.

    I used to use it an attempt to escape inceldom ( lol ) , but now i use it just to observe all the thots in the local area and those stupid kiss faces they make. too lazy to take my subhuman picture down but whatever, its good to kill some time looking at how degenerate some of them are. also a...