1. Zod

    [JFL] When a dice roll determines your life

    It could have been 1-1-1 and you would be a deformed wheelchair bound monster, or it could be 6-6-6 and you would be fucking foids 24/7 on your luxury yacht.. Fuck this joke called life
  2. Phaoni

    My Life is Better with the Blackpill

    Ever since I've ingested a decent amount of blackpill statistics and research, I've come to the conclusion that looks are the foremost important factor that decide if a woman couples with a man. In fact, it is not a factor shared with any other factor: a woman's decision to kiss, be romantic and...
  3. P

    Do you know how to adult?

    Long story short I was kicked out of my apartments and now I have to move to another apartment. These new apartments don't take cash though. They only take checks. I've never written a single check in my entire life. How would I even start? If I go to my bank will they teach me? It feels like...
  4. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] incels are strong

    I'd like to see a normalfag go through the majority of life with no friends, no love and no sex. They would kill themselves. Incels on the otherhand are strong.
  5. 赤い太陽

    [Blackpill] What do you do to find purpose in life?

    I recently read a post, uploaded by RageAgainstTDL, where he discusses MGTOW. The first time I found the MGTOW community was in 2016, long before I knew what an "incel" was, and before I admitted to myself that I was one. In any case, one of the main talking points of that community is the...
  6. Ser0

    [Serious] What is something that needs to be said?

    And who needs to hear it?
  7. F

    [Blackpill] I seriously can't wait to die. I am not exactly suicidal though. Does anyone feel the same?

    I am not really suicidal, I just look forward to a time when I'm not here and don't have to try at life or suffer it anymore. It's not just about inceldom. Living a life of poverty, working all day every day, living conditions, relationships with other people, being low-status, having had a...
  8. Henry de Montherlant

    [Experiment] What is your difficulty level in life ?

    Just a fun poll to entertain our FBI guests and to help admins to spot foids.
  9. M

    [Serious] Determinism and Inceldom

    Call this a “cope” if you will, but I think determinism can be a comforting philosophy. Maybe our fate was written in the stars from birth. Do you ever wonder how Chads can pull girls with such little effort, how one can have dozens of friends and we loners struggle? Viewing it in a sense that...