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  1. E

    [LifeFuel] Inceldom will die in a few generations

    Rejoice, fellow Cels, for we may be doomed, but later generations won't be! Let me explain. In the past, feminists have held power over men in one way, SEX. Beta male providers dated cheating feminist banshees because they couldn't get sex anywhere else. A realistic sex bot known as [NSFW]...
  2. BlkPillPres

    [Blackpill] Inceldom Is Actually A Blessing In Disguise (If You Let It Be)

    Made this thread to respond to a specific post that I thinks need to be addressed because it reflects the general mindset of a lot of the incels on this site (incels in general actually). Its a false mindset, you guys clearly haven't "studied" and interacted with normies enough to see whats...