1. Henry de Montherlant

    [Experiment] What will you do if you actually achieve to have a GF ?

    The question seems strange but the more I read people here about cold approach, Tinder, etc, the more it seems people don't really realize the importance of such a question. I read several users here blatantly saying that they only cold approach foids they consider far below their league (for...
  2. Incellectual

    [LifeFuel] Inceltears user gets crushed to death by a horse WARNING ANIMAL ABUSE. No horse should be forced to carry a weight that heavy smh.
  3. F

    [RageFuel] This is one of the phrases that made me know it was time to leave Lookism

    One of the phrases that helped me leave Lookism was: "Being 6-7/10 is worse than being 3/10 because if I were a 3/10, I would know it's over and be okay with it, but being a 6-7/10, I am so close but so far" This is like saying: "Being nearsighted is worse than being an acidfaced tetraplegic...