kill me

  1. Perfect_InCell

    [RageFuel] Think about all the Chads and Stacy's having sex right now!

    Just think! There are hundreds of Chad's having super happy fun time while we are browsing this forum all alone. This is an injustice to all of us! While these Chad's get to experience any woman they want and do not even appreciate them we have to sit in the shadows behind screens being forced...
  2. nausea

    [JFL] cannot sleep

    and tomorrow all day in er J F L at life
  3. chachkiii

    [Venting] wish me luck

    last time i was in classes i was carted out by police officers, and taken to hospital, for having a pretty violent panic attack in which i cussed out my guidance councillors and told them i was gonna kill myself, now i have to go back tomorrow! soooo excited to be ostracized further by my peer...