1. Mixedcel

    [LifeFuel] Would you be ready to Islammaxx?

    That means moving to an Islamic country, representing yourself as a Muslim to the community and eventually marrying a Muslim woman who would clean, cook, and have sex with you whenever and however you want. I'm thinking about moving to some rich Muslim country, Saudi Arabia for example. Nothing...
  2. Mixedcel

    What do you as incels think about Islam?

    I think if we were all born into a Muslim country none of us would be incels.
  3. Mixedcel

    [LifeFuel] How about becoming Muslim and moving into an Islamic country?

    Like United Arab Emirates, for example. In Islamic countries women are almost forced to become your partner. I could fake being Muslim for the rest of my life if only I could feel the love of a female. What do you guys think?