1. Gardencel

    [JFL] The true blackpill

  2. NEETAndTidy

    [SuicideFuel] Part fucking 3 fuckk just kill me.

    So assuming you've read my past 2 threads.... So I catfished a girl who I revealed myself to who also turned out to be catfishing me as a tranny. I didn't know how to respond. But enough people here convinced me to continue flirting with it. So I have been talking to them today. So. It turns...
  3. Crustaciouse

    [Serious] Tommorow i am going to release the most volatile blackpill ever found.

    Let's just say I have been doing some searching and have found a very lengthy blackpill that will absolutely make your jaws drop when you see it. It will be the best post I have ever made, it will completely destroy any argument the bluepillers might have, and the best part? It all came from the...
  4. B


    So this girl I follow on Instagram(dosen’t follow me back tho)posted a ig story asking people to send numbers because she needs new friends. Should I take that chance?
  5. Raiden

    this anime is pretty good

    It fell under my radar and I never watched it but the genre is one of my favourites (Slice of Life/Comedy/CGDCT) I binged it last night and loved it I recommend it This one was pretty good as well I am going to rewatch it later...
  6. Raiden

    Best romance mangas

    So most romance anime adaptions and studio originals usually fall flat or at repetitive or leave a lot of good parts out. Here are some that I recommend:
  7. I

    does anyone here simply love being a man?

    the advantage us men get to have is physical strength, muscles, cool manly friendly banter to have around, none of that ghey low T female gossiping shit. jeez i love being a man. the guys showed you, are men that we should envision or strive to be like. its tough behind a man with a world...
  8. I

    Does anyone here feel proud to not be autistic?

    I certainly feel proud. Present yourselves to me, if you feel the same way.
  9. B

    I really honestly don’t know, sorry

    So I found the Facebook of a girl I knew long ago and sent a friend request. Recently, i looked at the outgoing friend requests and saw her name wasn’t there, and she didn’t accept my friend request yet, so that means she didn’t. When I looked at her page again, the add friend and message...
  10. PheneZ

    [Media] What anime should i Cope with?

    I know it's a cope but i have recently gotten into anime, which one do you guys recommend. I hate the childish ones without any real depth. I prefer complex ones that adults can enjoy.
  11. nausea

    do not abuse repfeat eh?

    eh? come here