1. HarvesterOfInceldom


    For those who doubted it, our favorite mulatto shilltuber has admitted that he TATTOOED HIS FUCKING HEAD. He is fucking seething as we speak, enough for him to make one of his shill videos on the subject that he decided to get "hair folicles" tattooed on his scalp because he's bald. As usual...
  2. Ryo_Hazuki

    [Story] [Legendary thread] This thread is going to be a wild ride (NOW OPEN!)

    Throughout this thread there will be shocking developments and dramatic plot twists. This thread will be locked until the story comes to it's ultimate conclusion. Please be will be worth it. Strap's going to be quite a ride....
  3. Bjrgaminggod

    [RageFuel] My Mother is trying to convince me I’m delusional for asking for a minoxdilli prescription

    Just got into an argument with my mom ago about the situation with my hair because I have a really fucked up hairline and I asked her to take me to the doctor for a prescription of minoxdilli. The main problem is that my dad took me to some shitty barber when I was 2 years old and the barber...